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Getting started is easy. The first step is to speak or meet with one of our associates and review your individual situation. Choose an option below that best suits your needs:

  • Call us at (770) 488-9302 to speak with one of our Bankruptcy Specialists.
  • You may also schedule your own appointment by choosing one of the free options below below:
  • Existing Clients

    Schedule an Appointment

    This option is for current clients who have already filed bankruptcy with Clark & Washington. All appointments for current clients are scheduled on the half-hour. Please select your appointment time accordingly.

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    New Clients

    In-Office Attorney Consultation (Most Popular)

    Set up a free in person consultation with an attorney. This option is for new clients only please.

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    General Questions Phone Consultation

    Don’t know where to start? Schedule a call back to learn more about our services and determine if Bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

    Common information provided on this call:

    • What’s the difference between a chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
    • What’s the average cost of bankruptcy?
    • How will Bankruptcy affect your credit now and in the future?
    • How can Bankruptcy resolve lawsuits and garnishments?
    • Home foreclosure and eviction
    • Divorce and Bankruptcy
    • Student Loans and Tax debt

    In no way is this call limited to the above answers. We take the time to fully understand your unique situation and help you make an informed decision.

    If you have a grasp on bankruptcy basics but you’re still not ready for your free in-office consultation please schedule a 15 minute phone consultation with an attorney.

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    New Client Phone Consultation w/ an Attorney

    If you’re familiar with most of your bankruptcy options but you’re not ready for an in-office visit you may schedule a 15 minute phone call with an Attorney. We’re working to expand availability but for now these calls are handled on Mondays only. Please understand these calls are for advanced bankruptcy specific questions. If you are looking to find out basic bankruptcy information please create a General questions phone consultation.

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